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1 February
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I've come to the conclusion that the internet needs more Mycroft banners. Alas, I'm not graphically inclined.

This is my second in use account - my other active account is in_elixile.

I decided to make this to indulge in my new-refound interest in Sherlock Holmes, away from in_elixile which is largely focussed on my other fandom bent - FFVII Compilation (and RPs).

I first watched Sherlock Holmes on Granada 22 years ago where I became entranced by Jeremy Brett, who remains in my eyes the quintessential Holmes (not to lessen the others, we all have our favourites). Back then there was no such thing as the internet and since I've been online I've not really involved myself in the canon.

After the 2009 film and subsequent Sherlock on BBC however I've been reminded of the greatness of Arthur Conan Doyle's creation - and re-immersed myself: from original canon (books, Granada series) through to modern times (Sherlock). I've not yet dabbled in writing anything in the SH universe as I have been in a particular writing slump for some time.

That might change.

I'm still far from being a hardcore Holmesian, but on my way there! This however does not change my enjoyment of the stories, and that's the main thing, right?

This has to be one of the most boring bios in the world.

I'm 30, have two cats, am rather lazy, have a partner who is mixture of Sherlockian-science and Watsonesque-patience (to those he respects) and I used to occupy a 'minor position' in Government, though corporate bastards have dissolved the work beyond all meaning.

If you want to know anything else - just ask.